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Thursday 14/03/19

Changes are coming to Boho Boutique Australia!!!

It has been a while since we have done an update - sorry we have been so quiet -but we have been doing behind the scene research in the hope of reinventing Boho Boutique Australia. While we love our mandalas and other products we have been spending time considering which new products to add to our collection. We have some great ideas all scribbled out on paper - so they are not ready for release to you guys just yet. What I can tell you though is in order for us to move our remaining stock of mandala throws, mandala roundies, manadala dooner sets, boho jewellery and boho bags we will be having a sale very soon! We are really looking forward to changing things up and moving forward and we hope you are too! To stay up to date on our sale and the new products as they are introduced sign up to our mailing list or follow us on social media. Love Boho Boutique.

Thursday 25/05/17

Which Boho Boutique is the correct Boho Boutique to shop from?

Hey everyone, we are just doing a little update because we want to draw your attention to the fact that there are a number of similar stores now using the name Boho Boutique, or using Boho Boutique as part of their business name. While we love everything boho, and as far as we are concerned the more Boho Boutique’s the merrier-we do want to let you know a few things about these other Boho Boutique stores.

First, these stores ARE offering some really cute and really cheap boho jewellery, cheap boho rings, cheap boho clothing and cheap boho bags – nothing wrong with that right? Everyone loves a bargain! We know we do! But, please be aware that these items are made from very cheap materials- for example their boho rings and other boho jewellery is NOT made from 925 sterling silver (or gold) and their other products are not made from quality fabrics, such as 100% cotton, nor are these products handmade or designed in Australia. Second, please also be aware that these other Boho Boutique stores drop ship everything from China, meaning it will take weeks for your items to get to you (some times up to 6 weeks) and they do not quality control each and every item that gets sent to you-like we do at Boho Boutique Australia.

Why are we telling you all this? Well, all of this is not problem as long as you know what you are getting, if you are looking for cheap boho rings, cheap boho jewellery and cheap boho bags-with the quality that reflects the price tag, you won’t be disappointed. But at Boho Boutique Australia we pride ourselves on providing you with high quality products, shipped directly to you, from Australia. Mostly we don’t want you to confused our Boho Boutique (Boho Boutique Australia) with these other Boho Boutique stores. We are super worried that you might think you are buying from us, Boho Boutique Australia, and then get a product that does not match the quality that we offer. We don't want you to be upset that you have wasted your time and money buying from the wrong Boho Boutique!

So when you are online shopping for boho jewellery, boho rings, boho bags and boho mandala throws please just don't google ‘Boho Boutique’ and go to the first Boho Boutique store you you see, please make sure you look for our full name Boho Boutique Australia to avoid disappointment.

Much love from The Boho Boutique team xoxo

Tuesday 15/11/16

Our Mandala Bedding Set and Mandala Throw Collection is on Sale Now!!!

After a long wait we finally have our Mandala Bedding Set and Mandala Throw range on sale!!! We have a selection of new designs availble including tie dye bedding sets in three different colours, our 'lux' range which are printed with gorgeous shimmery gold, available in blue and red. We also have a number of new designs which we think will become new longtime favourites including our Black and White Mandala Bedding Set . And of course we also have our most popular designs back incuding our Blue and Teal Mandala Throw which everybody always absolutely loves!!!

In this sale we have:

The sale ends this Friday the 18th of November at 12 midnight. We will be sending out reminders about our sale via email so if you haven't already join our tribe to stay up to date with this sale!

Tuesday 04/10/16

Wondering where to buy a Mandala Tapestry or a Round Beach Towel?

Us (Boho Boutique Australia), of course! We stock a range of mandala roundies (sometimes called beach roundies, or round mandala throws), along with mandala tapestries (we call them mandala throws as we think this is a more accurate representation of what they are, a light weight cotton throw, rather than a heavy woven product) and mandala bedding sets, of course all are 100% cotton.

Also, today, we are very excited to announce that this summer we will be stocking 100% cotton, round beach towels-that is right, actual towels! While our beach towels will be round and 100% cotton, just like our mandala roundies our round beach towels will be made from absorbent towel material-meaning they are perfect for not only sitting on but for drying off with too! We can't wait to get these up on the wesbite and out to you! We will be sending updates about when they are expected to arrive, here (in our news section) and in our newsletters- so make you join our tribe to stay up to date with all our new arrivals for this summer!

Tuesday 06/9/16

Spring Sale- Grab a presale Mandala Throw or Mandala Roundie for just $35 each!!

Buy a Mandala Roundie or a Mandala Throw for $35 (marked down from $54.99)-Sale ends 12 midnight Sunday the 11th of September!!!

We are so happy that winter is over and spring is finally here- we are having a spring sale at Boho Boutique Australia!!! Our spring sale is designed to help you get boho ready for the warmer months of the year. First up is a pre-sale on our mandala throw and mandala roundie collection! Grab one of our most popular mandala throws at the Boutique our Blue and Teal Mandala Throw and head to the beach and enjoy the spring sunshine. Or maybe nab yourself another one of our most popular throws our Blue Ombre Mandala Throw and give your bedroom a spring boho make over. For a smaller option get yourself a Round Beach Throw - our mandala roundies are the perfect accessory not only for the beach but for a spring time picnic with friends or for relaxing in the sun in your backyard. Our personal favourites at the boutique are the blue sun mandala roundie and the blue ombre roundie…check out our Mandala Throw and Mandala Roundie collection to see which one you love the most!!!

View our Mandala Throw and Mandala Roundie collections now!!! Sale ends soon!!

Thursday 18/8/16

All of our Boho Bags are now on sale!

Buy a boho bag for $24.99 (marked down from $34.99) PLUS free postage within Australia!!!

These bags are one of our favourite products at the boutique! We have marked them down by $10 and we are offering free shipping within Australia- that is a total saving of $17!!! Our boho bags are vegan, ethically sourced and perfect for adding a pop of colour to your outfit. These bags are a great size for school or uni, a day out shopping or for taking to the beach. Check out our range of boho bags now and get one before they are all gone!! Happy shopping lovelies xoxo

View our rang of boho bags

Wednesday 3/8/16

All of our Mandala Bedding is Now on Sale!

Buy a Mandala Bedding Set for $79 (marked down from $99)!!

Ever wondered why mandalas are perfect for your bedroom? The word 'mandala' come from Sanskrit and means 'circle', while mandalas can be made up of many different shapes, overall they generally have a circular or concentric structure. The meaning behind and use of mandalas can be varied depending upon who is using them (lots of different groups have used mandalals through out history including, Buddhists, Hindus, Native Americans and Pagans), however mandalas are often used in mediation, to calm the mind, or to assist in accessing inner knowledge. These aspects make mandalas a perfect addition to your bedroom as they can help calm the mind before sleep, help you focus before studying or just help you create your very own boho space to escape to and enjoy. We have a sale on mandala bedding sets now- grab one before they are all gone, happy shopping!

View our mandala bedding range

Friday 23/07/2016

July Mandala Throw pre-sales shipped

Wow our presale mandala throw sale was massive! Thanks to everyone that ordered, everyone's throws will ship Monday. We will run another sale soon join our mailing list so you don't miss out next time!